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Press Center

Press Center

IPC – International Press Center


The International Press Center (IPC) is a distinctive location in the heart of Baku offering a 4000 m2 event area. This multi-functional centre is located on the same premises as the Crystal Hall close to the National Flag Square, with an excellent view of Baku Bay and the city skyline.

Built in partnership with the Crystal Hall to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 screened live on television, it became internationally established, reaching approximately 180 million viewers.

Event Formats:

The International Press Center is suitable for a wide range of events and can be transformed via room-in-room concepts into almost anything:

-       Press conferences

-       Weddings

-       Product launches

-       Gala dinners

-       Concerts, parties and award show

-       Fashion shows

-       Conventions and business meetings

-       Exhibitions

Outdoor Premises:

The IPC also offers outdoor premises of 20,000 m2 right on the waterfront with an excellent view of the marina and the Baku cityscape. This means you can offer your audience a unique indoor-outdoor event.


Impressive glass front, view of the Baku skyline

  • Outside: 20,000 m²
  • Inside: 4,000 m² net / plus side rooms and WC
  • Usable height: approximately 8,2m
  • Capacity: 3,500 people max
  • Parliamentary seating arrangement: up to 950 people
  • Line seating: 1,200
  • Conferences: 3000
  • Banqueting: 850 (eg: one roundtable = eight seats)