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Grandezza Grand Opening


Client: Grandezza Department Store
Project: Grandezza Grand Opening
Format: Gala, Industrial Fashion Show
Location: Grandezza Department Store
Date: 2014-10-11
Job: Visual concept, video mapping, complete technique and event architecture

On 11 October the grand opening of the Grandezza Department Store took place. The opening of the event was a real surprise for the residents of Baku and guests of the event as it coincided with colourful video-mapping installation by Hypnotica, which was once again a hit with the public.  

The concept for the evening, which was commercially developed, was underlined by the unusual choice of venue. Guests were invited to the unfinished floor of the store, which was ‘decorated’ with elements such as pieces of wires forgotten by the installers and empty boxes.

One of the eve ...
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